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It's no secret that the foreclosure crisis has hit Southeast Queens the hardest in the state.  What many don't know is that free counseling help and services are available through HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Approved Housing Counseling Agencies.  There are many scams out there charging distressed families for freely available services and making impossible claims.  The scams take people's money and don't provide the services they claim they can provide, and families still lose their homes.  Below are HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agencies serving the community that offer free services.

If you are in need of assistance, call one of these organizations for help.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, Inc.
89-70 162nd Street, Jamaica, New York 11432
Phone: 718-291-7400 | Fax: 718-298-6505



Foreclosure Intervention:
In 2002, NHS of Jamaica created the Southeast Queens Anti-Predatory Lending Task Force as a watchdog for predatory lending. The purpose of the Task Force is to serve as a network of resources for homeowners facing issues related to foreclosure.


Neighborhood Housing services of Jamaica also try to help you keep your home.  If you're facing Foreclosure, our professional staff of foreclosure counselors will offer assistance by speaking with banks that are holding your mortgage.  We also seek to find an alternative solution.

Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, Inc.
NHS of Northern Queens
60-20 Woodside Avenue, 2nd Floor
Queens, NY 11377
Phone: 718-457-1017 | Fax: 718-457-1247 



If you are a New York homeowner that is behind on your mortgage payments or concerned that you will become late, NHS can help!  Our foreclosure intervention counselors will assess your situation and provide recommendations for your next steps.  NHS will serve as your advocate to help obtain the best solution available to you.  Our counselors will: 


• Analyze your situation and educate you about the foreclosure process in New York.
• Teach you how to negotiate with your lender.
• Help you develop a budget and spending plan that works.
• Help you manage your debt.
• Help you access refinance and modification opportunities.

Foreclosure Assistance Scams

The Federal Trade Commission has outlined signs to look out for to avoid being scammed when trying to save your home.


The FTC has created several public service announcements on the topic.

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