Mike Scala for Congress


With one in seven New Yorkers out of work, job creation should be our top priority.  Learn more


No Child Left Behind does not work. Evaluating performance solely on the basis of standardized testing is unfair because it does not take students' backgrounds into account.  Learn more

Health Care

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) vastly improves the health care system and should not be repealed.  Learn more

Social Issues

The First Amendment includes the right to freely exercise one’s religion.  This means we cannot tell people when, how, and where they can practice their faith.  Learn more


Circumventing our constitution in the name of fighting terrorism is a greater threat to our democracy than terrorism itself.  Learn more


I recognize the need to strengthen our borders, but I believe that immigrants already in the country that are in good standing should be granted a humane path to citizenship.  Learn more

June 26 - New York Congressional Primary